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Time to go Underground

Chris B has been spearheading the indie music scene here in Hong Kong for several years. If you hit up any indie show, chances are her stamp and her organisation has had some effect on either the musicians or the event. The bands may have cut their teeth on her many Shazza events or themed Underground events like Girls with Guitars or Mellow Yellow. The Underground, which I have had the joy and pleasure to be involved with, has been around for 17 years and has been the champion and the guiding force for all things Indie in Hong Kong. When canto pop was ruling the airways, Chris B found a way to cut through with The Underground. She has give hope, to a few generations of musicians in Hong Kong, that their music, whatever genre it is, has an outlet and an audience.

I am privileged to call her a friend and colleague. 17 years after starting up, The Underground has survived a pandemic and now the music and the shows are coming back.

Next Saturday July 17th, head on over to Rula Live, and see a mixture of verteran local bands like Loud Shaft and The Sleeves and some newer acts like Mr. Koo. Check the posters for more information. You won't regret going to a Chris B joint.

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