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With state of the art equipment, a comfortable setting and a great location to boot, This Music Studio aims to bring musical perfection to the highest order without sacrificing any creativity.

Located in Central, This Music Studio has all the necessary equipment to get you started. Whether you are recording and mixing a full length album, or just laying down a few vocal tracks, our studio has the necessary tools to make that happen. Built around the legendary Solid State Logic AWS 900 mixing /recording desk, our studio comes with a full live room for tracking instruments, and a 5.1 enabled mix room, plus a whole host of plug-ins that can be easily patched into the desk to give your sound that extra bit of depth.

We also house two programming stations so the studio doesn't stop making music just because the mix room is used.

Aside from being a recording studio, the live room doubles as a rehearsal space. Stacked with loads of guitar/bass amps, drums and percussion, a keyboard plus an upright piano, we can house any combination of bands, including a 12 piece jazz band.

So email us, call us or better yet, stop by and see what others are raving about.


Founder & Director

Journalist, Drummer, Music Producer, Chef and Photographer.



Partner & In-House Music Producer

Music Producer, Composer at Universal Music, Touring Artist, Entrepreneur.

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