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Live is back.

Whether you read that as Live or Live (both is correct) Music is back.

It‘s been a long 17 months for the Arts in Hong Kong but thankfully things are finally back on.

Saturday night I had the pleasure of watching the talented pianist Joyce Cheung’s Ensemble and the Smash Trio’s concert at Kwai Tsing Theatre.

As the title of the show suggests, it truly is a tonic just to be able to sit in a theatre and listen to music again.

Also seeing so many local musicians getting an opportunity to ply their trade was incredible. Hong Kong truly is filled with talented individuals who were all showcased this evening.

Special mention goes to Joyce Cheung, who’s jazzy arrangements of some classical standards were just impeccable. With so many styles evoked different genres infused into the first half of the show.

And also the Smash Trio of Uber pianist KaJeng Wong, CY Leo playing some of the smoothest harmonica I’ve heard ever and the sultry sounds of Timothy Sun on Saxophone ensured the evening closed with a bang.

I love live music. I love that we’re all listening to the same thing but everyone is having a different experience. That is truly magical.

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