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Jon Lee has been drumming for close to three decades with experience playing Jazz, Pop, Hip-Hop, Worship Music, Rock and Punk there is no genre you can’t learn. He’s got hundreds of recordings under his belt and a wealth of knowledge to dispense. 

The iconic Recording Custom Series does not only include new design elements with unique color finishes, it’s made to produce a refined focused sound with enhanced rounded and deeper tone. The result is an easy-to-use and easy-to-tune drum set that re-defines the classic signature sound. The series is made for recording or performing drummers who demand premium construction and tone.

Drum Lessons

      Recording Custom
    Design/Architecture Detail
    Lug Newly-designed, weighted, high-tension lug (one-piece)
    Shell 100% Birch, 6-ply (with inner dark brown paint)
    Bearing Edge 30-Degree/R1.5
    TT/FT Hoop Triple flange hoop (steel,1.6 mm)
    BD Hoop Wood hoop
    TT/FT Head Top: Remo U.S. Coated Ambassador, Bottom: Remo U.S. Clear Ambassador
    BD Head Front: Remo smooth white PS3 with Yamaha logo, Batter: Remo PS3 Coated (18" BD Remo Coated Ambassador)
    Tom Mount Y.E.S.S. system
    FT Bracket Open type
    BD Leg Convertible type
  • The revamped modern design retains the traditional essence of the Recording Custom. However, in order to maximize the attenuating properties of the birch wood, we increased the weight of the lug, further enhancing the artist's expressive power and reducing undesirable noise from the shell without using a mute. This ensures optimum sustain for the core sound, producing a crisp, articulate tone.

    In addition to their punchy power, birch shells are known to reduce unwanted noise and prevent interference when drums are set up side-by-side. The unique, sonic characteristics of birch wood ensure that each stroke is clearly delineated, making it the ideal choice for recording environments.

    Toms and floor toms are equipped with coated Remo Ambassador heads, which are known for their warm, clear tone and open, resonant sound quality. Bass drums are fitted with a smooth white PS3 Yamaha logo head and a Remo PS3 coated batter head (18" bass drum batter side features a Remo Coated Ambassador head).

    Y.E.S.S. mounts are designed to minimize contact between the shell and the mount to deliver a wider, dynamic range and longer sustain. The Y.E.S.S. mount does not interfere with drum placement or head changes.

    The open-type floor tom bracket includes wing bolts and is designed to clamp tightly on the leg without damaging it. This saves time on stage and delivers optimum decay control.

    Bass drums are fitted with T-handles and die-cast hooks providing quick tuning adjustments and noise-free function through the use of an insertion plate.

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